What all is included in your packages?

I just have one package!  It keeps it simple and comes with everything you really need on your wedding day - a photographer who will document your day from getting ready til wild dancing time (that's me!), a beautiful wedding album that tells the story of your day, a wall display, an engagement session, and a guest book with images of your engagement session and spaces for guests to sign.  You can learn more over on my information page, or contact me here!


Do you work with a second photographer? 

I generally do not work with a second photographer.  I become very close with my clients throughout the whole booking/engagement/wedding experience, and they feel very comfortable with me.  When I have shot with a second photographer in the past, it can often lose that intimate feeling.  So many clicks of the shutter happening sometimes makes a change in my clients' comfort level - feels a little like the paparazzi.  That being said, if I feel like we will need a second photographer because of certain circumstances with your wedding or if I feel like I'll need an assistant to help with timelines or group shots, I have many upon whom I can call.


Everyone says I need to get all the digitals of my wedding.  Do you provide those?

"My wedding album is truly one of my most prized possessions! Your photographs of our wedding beautifully captured not just the little details, but all of the emotion in every moment throughout the day. I still cannot look through those pictures without little tears of joy. You gave us the gift of being able to completely relive all of the happiness, love and excitement of our special day through your work." - Lisa

Within your package, you'll have two albums (a lay flat engagement one and a beautiful flush mount wedding one).  This is a family heirloom that will be passed on through generations, and one that you will want to look back on and remember.  I feel good knowing you will have an album and a wall display to remember your wedding, and because of this, I do offer the digital images with printing rights at a separate cost.  They are $20 each, or $1000 for all of the wedding images in your gallery (see my information page about how you can make some of that go to charity!).  


Do you photograph destination weddings?

Yes!  Yes!  YES!!!  I love traveling, and have photographed weddings in Guatemala, Florida, Saint Lucia, Chicago, and all around the Midwest.  Each destination wedding is different, and I would LOVE to chat about photographing yours!


Can I get a copy of every image you take?

I know it seems like a good idea, but you really don't need this.  I have three rounds of editing, and for the first one, I go through and choose which images I'll be working with.  I get rid of blinks, unflattering faces, shots where the lighting or focus was off, you know - all the stuff that you really don't need to see.  


Have you done an Orthodox wedding?

Yes!  When we meet up, ask me about the first one I did.  It's a pretty good story.  I've done a few since then, and I love the traditions in these ceremonies!


Can you make me skinnier in pictures?

I am sorry, but no.  My editing process removes anything that wouldn't usually be a part of your appearance (my own poor husband woke up with a big zit near his lip on our wedding day - yikes!).  If there is a blemish or something that isn't usually part of your appearance, I am happy to take that out.  But I have some pretty big beliefs about how our bodies are beautiful in whatever size they come.  You are beautiful and radiant as just exactly you - I promise!  The person you are marrying thinks you're beautiful, too!


I'm not in Columbus, and won't be able to do an engagement session.  This is included in your package.  Can I substitute something else instead?

Well, first off, let's not cross that engagement session off the list just yet.  I am happy to travel for your engagement session!  Just let me know if this is something you're considering, and we'll figure it out!  I really believe in engagement sessions - they are SO helpful in helping you feel comfortable with me and in helping me get to know what makes you smile and feel comfortable.  I include them in my package because they really help things go so much more smoothly on your wedding day.   You know what I do and how I work, and you feel comfortable with it all.  If it's really not possible to get in an engagement session, you are welcome to substitute 2 small lay flat parent/grandparent albums (same design as your wedding album).


How many images do you take at each wedding?

It completely depends on the wedding!  I have photographed really small ceremonies where the couple ends up with about 150 images.  And I've also given around 1000 images for a wedding.  It really depends on what all is happening, how many people are there, etc.  Most weddings, I deliver around 350-700.  I have never had anyone tell me I didn't provide enough images.  Quality is so much more important than quantity when it comes to your wedding images!


Will we meet or see you before the wedding?

Yes!  Absolutely.  I will ask to meet up with you in person (or chat on the phone) before booking my services, as I really want to make sure I'm the right photographer for your day.  At this meeting, I will show you sample albums and wall displays, ask you some questions to get to know you, and ask you some questions about what you are looking for in a wedding photographer.  Wedding photography is a very important investment of your memories, time, and money.  I believe very strongly that each couple should have the right photographer for their day!  If I realize that I'm not the one for you at any point in our meeting, I will happily point you in the direction of someone who would be a better fit.  

Then we'll schedule your engagement session, and we'll meet up a couple weeks after that to choose the images for your guest album.  

We'll schedule a meet up sometime in the month before your wedding, where we'll go over all the details, timelines, and family pictures you'd like.  I will surely see you on your wedding day!  And then we'll meet up again after your wedding to choose the images for your album and wall display.  I'll help you through all the parts!  

If you are out-of-town, we can hold these meetings over face time or a phone call.


What are the timelines on everything?

About two weeks after your engagement session, we'll meet up to choose the images for your album.  Your album will be delivered to you (by me if you're local!) about two weeks after that.  

About two weeks after your wedding, we'll meet up to choose the images for your wedding album and wall display!  Your album will be to you about three weeks after that.  


We are nervous about the idea of having our pictures taken.  How will you make us feel comfortable?

My style of shooting is so laid-back and fun!  All engagement sessions are very personalized.  We'll be doing something you do together often (cooking, sled-riding, dancing, going for a walk in the woods, having a drink at your favorite pub), and I'll stand back and photograph.  Sometimes I'll direct you to a spot where the light is better or I can get something creative and different, but I'm not a "tilt your head this way, curve your elbow that way" kind of photographer.  One of the questions I'll ask at our initial meet up is "When you see images of yourself that you don't like, what is it that you don't like about them?"  This opens up a conversation about how to avoid those particular things.  At the meeting we have the month before your wedding, I'll ask if there were any engagement session shots that you didn't like of yourself (the answer is usually, "No!  We loved them!"), which opens up that conversation again and has me ready to look for certain things on your wedding day.  My clients (who often become friends during this whole process) usually tell me how they feel really comfortable with me by the end of the engagement session, and they're happy to see me when I come to their wedding day.


Can I see images of a full wedding?

Absolutely!  You can always head over to my blog and get a feel for how I photograph a wedding there, but I can also show you a client's full gallery if you'd like.  Just let me know!


Ok, this all sounds good!  How do I go on from here? 

Hooray!  I love that you're clicking with what I'm saying here.  I would love to meet up with you and chat about your big day!  You can start up a conversation with me right here.  I look forward to it!