We haven't had our pictures taken in a long time.  My loved one is totally against this idea and thinks it will be a terrible time.  What do I do?

I will let a client take this question for me: "So yesterday was picture day... I can honestly say I was not excited (don't like picture days), but Sarah made it fun!  The whole family had a great time.  Thank you for making pictures both fun and easy, even for a picture grinch like myself!" - Brian

I get messages like that one often, and my clients are often surprised by two things: 1. How fun and laid-back a session is, and 2. The great images we are able to create from such a fun and laid back session!  I will do my absolute best to make it such a fun time for your family, with great memories shared.


We would like to get some images up on the walls.  Can you help us with that?

Absolutely!  My favorite part of this whole thing is the album, because it tells such a story.  We can definitely also get part of that story up on your walls!  I offer bamboo panels, gallery wraps, and prints for your walls.  I can even take a picture of a wall you're considering and can show you what your images would look like to size up on that wall!


I hear you saying that we'll go do something that our family loves to do together, but I can't think of anything.  Are you the right photographer for us?  

Oh, I promise you there are documentary photography possibilities for every family out there.  We just have to uncover them.  I will help you with this!  Send me a message, and we can get started!


Our family is most comfortable at home, but our house is so messy/dark/dreary.  Should we go somewhere to take pictures?

No!  I LOVE family sessions at home!  If that is where your family spends most of your time together, or that is where you are most comfortable, please oh please, let's shoot there!  We can always find places that will look great in photographs, and I purposely have equipment that does just fine in low light.  Here are a couple of sessions that I've done in clients' homes: 

A Superman/Ninja Turtle Protection Force

Grass and Tears and So Much Love

Waking Up to a Photographer in your Face


What should we wear for our session?

I know it is tradition to get all dressed up in our best for picture day, but let's keep this laid back.  Let's just make sure everyone's comfortable.  If dresses and ties are your thing (or your kids' thing), then absolutely wear them!  Or if you have something special you'd like to wear, go for it.  But please don't feel the need to get all new outfits or to make your kids wear something they don't want to wear.  Comfort is key.  And right after comfort is coordination.  I'm not talking matching.  Please don't wear matching jean shirts and khakis to your session.  But choose a color scheme and stick with it - neutrals with a splash of color, jewel tones, pastels, warm colors, cool colors, primary colors, the whole rainbow of colors!  Don't think too much about this part.  Think favorite Saturday clothes.   I am more than happy to offer some advice if you'd like to send me a picture of what you're considering wearing.  Try to stay away from logos or lots of writing, as they draw our attention away from beautiful faces.  


What should we bring?

We'll chat about this when we are planning out how to customize your session for your family.  Bring anything that your kiddo might play with or take comfort in!


Do you have a studio? 

I don't, and honestly, I really don't want one.  I never want to shoot in a studio.  I feel like there is a much bigger and more meaningful story to be told photographing in places that are important and familiar to your family.


Do you do senior pictures or head shots?

I do not.  My specialty lies in telling a story and showing connections and love.  Senior pictures and head shots generally require posing and smiling-at-the-camera shots that other photographers specialize in.  I am happy to recommend you to someone here in Columbus!


How long does a session usually last?

Depends on your family and what we're doing.  Sometimes they're done in 45 minutes because all the best stuff has happened by then; other times, we're all having a great time and next thing we know it's two and a half hours later!


Can you make me skinnier in our pictures?

I am sorry, but I do not change the way that people look when I edit.  I think you are beautiful exactly the way you are, and my vision for your family session is to show the love surrounding you.  My editing process removes anything that wouldn't usually be a part of your appearance.  If there is a blemish or something that isn't usually part of your appearance, or your kiddo scratched right below her eye the morning of pictures, I am happy to take that out.  But I have some pretty big beliefs about how our bodies are beautiful in whatever size they come.  You are beautiful and radiant as just exactly you - I promise!  And you want your kids to recognize you when they see you in pictures!


I really don't want to be in our family pictures.  Can you just take them of the kids?

I can, but first I want to say this.  Please, oh please reconsider.  I do not have many pictures of me with my mom, and what I wouldn't give for a good one!  I know that some of us want to get a new haircut or lose 10 pounds before we're photographed, but again, what you look like - believe it or not - is not the important part here.  The important part is the love.  You can't ever have this time back.  Show your kids how much you love them and want to be with them.  They think you're absolutely beautiful.  I know it.    


What if we want to shoot outside and we have bad weather?

Oh, Ohio...  we really have some weird weather here sometimes.  This is why I never reschedule sessions until the day before, or sometimes even a couple of hours before.  I've had many a session cancelled because of the weather forecast, and then it ends up being perfectly beautiful when we had planned to photograph.  If there is bad weather on your day, we will absolutely reschedule!  


What if my kid gets sick the day of the shoot?

Reschedule.  No worries!


Can I get the digital images with printing rights?

Sure!  I feel great about the fact that you will have an album to remember this time in your lives.  Digital images are available at an extra cost - go see the information tab for more.  


I'd like to start chatting about session possibilities and ways to personalize our family session!  Where do I start?  

Hooray!  I'd love to start up that conversation with you right over here!